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French as a Second Language

Language courses

We offer French language courses at all levels (beginner to advanced - European codes A1 to C2).

Together, we will work on and improve oral and written communication in different contexts. With our communicative approach, you will learn the language and culture and will be able to express yourself in varied linguistic and cultural situations.

Literature courses and workshops

Courses to improve your knowledge and understanding of main writers, as well as literary movements and critics.

Reading groups to discuss and analyze together French and Francophone works (especially from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries).

Literary visits and tours of Paris. Guided tours of Paris, in French or English, along relevent locations for recent writers, in order to get insight into their works and to situate them in their geographical and cultural context.

Private tutoring

Private lessons

Lessons in French or English from middle school to high school (oral and written)

Help with homework

To improve organizational skills, to better understand lessons, etc.

Let’s commit together to overcome difficulties and shortcomings that you may have, to succeed at writing papers and taking exams, to acquire a better education at the end of cyles (middle school and high school).

Our pedagogical approaches are varied and flexible to serve different types of learners.

Together, we evaluate your needs, your level, and set up a program of studies as well as a timetable and a budget.

Courses in your company

French courses

To get back to or reach a good level in oral and written French, to improve correspondence, and to perfect your writing skills, we work together on grammar, vocabulary, syntax, writing style, etc.

To be more efficient, strategic, and comfortable orally, we work on oral expression techniques for public speaking in meetings, seminars, conferences, etc.

English courses

Language, conversation, and culture courses, as well as writing workshops.

Master the oral and written communication rules and tools for optimized linguistic and cultural exchanges with English-speaking interlocutors.


Translations from English to French.

General and literary texts (cover letters, resumes, thesis, dissertations, articles, manuscripts, etc.)

Together we establish the deadlines and budget according to your needs and constraints.


General and literary text editing in French (cover letters, resumes, thesis, dissertations, articles, manuscripts, etc.).

We decide together on when deadlines will be, the type of editing needed (spelling, grammar, syntax, style), and budget for a carefully edited work that will be ready to be handed in, sent, printed, or published within a brief time frame.

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